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Robert David Shuttleworth Memorial Fund

Robbie Shuttleworth was the younger son of Valerie and Paul Shuttleworth and beloved brother of Gordon Shuttleworth. Although Robbie left us too early, he left a legacy behind that will live for years to come. Robbie was a true champion for children and youth with learning disabilities everywhere. He was never afraid or ashamed to say that he had a learning disability. In fact he was often heard saying “I just learn differently!”. He made his needs known so that his parents, teachers and friends knew about his struggles, and they were there to help pave a smoother road. As Robbie grew, he learned more about advocating for his educational needs, so that his final year at school was his most successful one! Robbie was proud of who he was and what he had accomplished. He wanted children and youth with learning disabilities to have a chance to be successful as well, and his involvement with LDATD reflected this passion. Robbie attended chapter functions, helped with renovation projects and entirely supported the efforts of the staff! Robbie was a leader through his example, one that we miss.

LDATD created a Memorial Fund in Robbie’s name with an intention to keep his legacy alive. Monies are generously donated by individuals who are touched by Robbie’s story. The Shuttleworth family would like to see every child have a chance at success and therefore, have designated the monies to go toward funding assessments and program fees. If your child/youth requires an assessment or financial assistance with program fees, please tell us your story in a one-page letter and submit it along with the application form to our agency email at [email protected] or mail to 121 Willowdale Ave. Suite 103, Toronto, Ontario M2N 6A3.

All applications are reviewed quarterly; thereafter you will be notified about the decision made ​by the Board of Directors. Good luck with your application!

Learning Disabilities Association of Toronto