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S.P.L.A.S.H (Settlement Program Learning Abilities Service Hub)

S.P.L.A.S.H Programs

About S.P.L.A.S.H

Thousands of newcomers start their new life in Toronto and require useful information during their transition. Support programs and services offered to newcomers play an essential role in ensuring a smooth and easy transition into Canada. This is why we are excited to announce our new settlement program; S.P.L.A.S.H. (Settlement Program Learning Abilities Service Hub). S.P.L.A.S.H.’s provides FREE settlement information and orientation services & programs to newcomers allowing for successful integration into Canada. This program aims to give newcomers the accessibility to contribute and participate in their communities. Our services include one-on-one assistance, group workshops, valuable career and educational information, skill-building, and access to various services (i.e. employment support, social/financial services, etc.)

Program Goals

Empower newcomers by building strong support systems

Help newcomers establish social and professional networks and strategic partnerships to support their vocational goals.

Enable newcomers to experience successful integration in Canada

Ensuring that communication with newcomers is conducted in a manner that takes into account their individual needs.

Provide assistance to newcomers with language accommodation and learning styles

Inspire newcomers to contribute and stay connected within the community and to learn from one another by sharing their experiences.

S.P.L.A.S.H Offers

  • One-on-One Counselling and Referrals.
  • Welcome Service (Orientation Session and Gift Pack of Welcome Pack).
  • Permanent Residents (P.R.) Card Renewal Preparation.
  • Assistance with Immigration, Refugee and Canadian Citizenship (I.R.C.C.) Applications (including Citizenship, Sponsorship etc.).
  • Employment Connections (including Accreditation and Licensing).
  • Career Counselling (labour market information and workplace referral, career planning and resume critique).
  • Social Benefits Applications (OHIP, S.I.N., Child Tax Benefit, E.I. (Employment Insurance) O.W. (Ontario Works), O.D.S.P.(Ontario Disability Support Program).
  • Legal Referrals and Notary.
  • Income Tax Information and Free Tax Filing for Low-Income Families.
  • Housing Application.
  • Language Assessment Quick Referral (English and French).
  • Family Doctor Connection and Health Services Information.
  • Education Planning and O.A.S.P. Application/ Legal Aids.
  • Financial and Social Assistance Services Referrals.
  • Interpretation andTranslation Assistance and Referral.
  • Assistance with Formal Written Documents.
  • Crisis Intervention and Referral.
  • Landmarks and Iconic Places in Toronto– Group Visiting and Free Access Information.
  • Family & Community Support for Newcomers, including.
  • Communities with Learning Disabilities.
  • Transportation Information and Assistance.
  • Advocacy.


  • Landed Immigrants.
  • Convention Refugees.
  • Government-Assisted Refugees.
  • Live-in Caregivers.

Client Testimonial

“My daughter is a newcomer to Canada and has a hard time coping with her LD. I am thankful for you and your team in making her adjustment in living in Canada a lot easier. More power to you and LDATD staff. Thanks again!”


For questions regarding program registration, dates, times, payments or all other inquiries, please contact [email protected].

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