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Typing for Teens

**COVID-19: Please note that in-person program sessions have been put on pause in response to COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions.

About Typing For Teens

Our six-week-long Keyboarding program will provide a comfortable and receptive environment where youth can acquire typing skills.

Why should teens learn how to type?

  • Keyboarding is becoming a standard skill that is used regularly.
  • Being familiar and comfortable with typing can aid with concentration, reduce the stresses associated with school work and assist the child in recognizing and identifying their accomplishments.
  • Typing helps students with learning disabilities who have difficulties with fine-motor, visual-motor and visual-spatial tasks.


Teens ages 15 – 17 years old who:

Have a learning disability and/or AD(H)D and wish to improve their typing skills


Do not have an LD but would like to improve their typing skills.


North York

121 Willowdale Avenue.

Typing For Teens


This program does not take the place of therapy.
Space is limited per session.
Fees per 6-week session. Fees may differ for locations where longer session periods are accommodated. Please be sure to note changes in fees as listed on the “Details and Registration” page for each site.
Please note, due to enrollment requirements, program availability is subject to change. Fees are non-refundable. No make-up classes are available.

Parent Testimonial

“My daughter took the keyboarding class this winter. Both of her instructors immediately realized she was an auditory learner and responded accordingly. Her instructors gave me regular feedback on her progress and also provided suggestions on activities she could do at home to further practice her newly developing skills.”

– Shelly


For questions regarding program registration, dates, times, payments or all other inquiries, please contact [email protected].

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